System Integration

System Integration

India has a vast emerging market for platform enterprise solutions and system integration based on modern digital and information technologies.
FSG Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers integrated cutting edge solutions with superior quality.
Our team of world-class technical experts in hardware and software development across the globe offer exceptional solutions and implementation in various fields.
Our software development team of 80 people is guided by our project management team who understand and comprehend the clients’ requirements and deliver a final product on schedule and predetermined cost.
Our team’s rich experience of over 15 years in the projects from development to launch includes the Russian Federal Situation Center for the Ministry of Emergency Situations for 50 seats. The solution comprised of data collection from objects (video + sensors), data storage, system analysis, visualization as per needs and competencies and assistance in making management decisions.
Our team also set up 8 Regional Emergency Situations Centers for the Ministry of External Situation for 10-15 seats each.
We also developed and operationalized the software for the Situation Centre of the Fire Service for the Government of Switzerland in 2019-2020 within 12 months.

Business segments

Launching joint ventures production of competitive Russian products (primarily products used in system integration projects) in the following areas:

  • Mining
  • Transport and logistic
  • Urban development (smart city)
  • Manufacturing
  • Military and defense
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Telecom
  • UAV
  • Software

Distribution of competitive international products and solutions to the Indian market.

FSG Technology Pvt. Ltd. has always endeavored to address the Radio Communication and Security Products needs of their esteemed clientele by providing solutions like Walkie Talkies, Mobile Signal Jammers, Mobile Signal Boosters, Alcohol Detectors, Door Frame Metal Detectors, Handheld Metal Detectors, Under Vehicle Search Mirrors, Ground Penetration Radars, Mine Detectors etc. Specialized in executing Non Line of Site Solutions (Non LOS), IOT Solutions, PTP & PTMP Solutions, Fiber Solutions, Commercial WiFi and Hotspot Solutions

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