Transhipment/Lighterage Operation


Our ‘Lighterage, operation primarily deals with the transfer of wet and dry cargoes between ships of differing sizes, or how we better know it as a cargo transfer operation at sea between the Mother Vessel and the Daughter Vessel a.k.a Lighter Barges or even Lighter Ships. With the help of our well trained workers we are able to pull off numerous big consignments without any issues till date. The best of our agency is we have handled TRANSHIPMENT/LIGHTERAGE OPERATION a lot since our inception making sure that we have an amazing portfolio in handling all types of transshipment assignment.  

We have an effective transhipment and lighterage facility at anchorage/ mid sea ( Sand Head, Sagar & Diamond Harbour in Kolkata sea) that enables us to transport the cargo reliably. We employ different modes of transport such as sea-going ships, barges, inland waterway vessels etc to achieve this. In other words, we ensure that transhipment is done in a safe, cost effective and environment friendly manner. Our sole aim is to assist our clients in achieving their goals by providing an efficient system.

Transhipment Services​

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